About us

Beaman Jacinto Law P.C.

…fights for justice with unparalleled sensitivity, experience, vigor, and creativity.  Beaman Jacinto Law P.C. is rooted in the notion that all people deserve access to justice and enforcement of basic rights, and works closely with clients to achieve that goal. Beaman Jacinto Law P.C.’s practice is founded on years of advocacy and activism in diverse communities, including the recent many years of successful legal and other representation of rural communities and clients in Coachella Valley, Imperial Valley, Inland Empire, and other parts of California.

Beaman Jacinto Law P.C. represents individuals, communities, and organizations in enforcing their basic legal and human rights in the areas of employment, land use, housing, immigration, civil rights, and policy — all with the understanding of the larger struggles for justice and community health in California and nationwide.

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Coachella Valley: 73733 Fred Waring Dr. | Suite 203 | Palm Desert, CA 92260