Practice Areas

Civil Rights

Civil rights sit at the core of Beaman Law, and virtually encompass all of its other areas of practice.  Beaman Law thus works tirelessly to vindicate the rights of its clients and client communities who suffer unfair and unequal treatment by government institutions, government agents, employers, and others–including in the contexts of their workplaces, housing, interactions with County and other government departments, polling places, and more.  Our clients have repeatedly suffered discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, language, sex, gender, age, and other protected characteristics, and we have repeatedly emerged victorious in their pursuits for rectification of those wrongs.  Beaman Law’s civil rights work has included pro bono representation of clients in need.

Employment / Workers’ Rights

Beaman Law’s employment law practice is its busiest and most demanding of all, given the incredible frequency with which wronged employees come through its doors.  All workers deserve that their basic rights be respected in the workplace, and deviations from that standard (or requirement!) are all too common.  Beaman Law considers and accepts cases of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, meal and rest period violations, retaliation, and more, and has successfully litigated countless such cases to favorable results for clients–without exception.  Beaman Law’s employment law work has included years of frequent pro bono “know-your-rights” presentations to community groups.  

Immigration / Immigrants’ Rights

Recognizing the extreme need for sensitive, honest, and accessible immigration law representation in Southern California, Beaman Law has rapidly expanded its immigration law practice to meet growing demand.  Included in Beaman Law’s immigration work are family petitions for citizens and permanent residents and their relatives, U-visa petitions for victims of serious crimes (and qualifying family members), naturalization applications, requests for immigration and criminal records, and more.  Beaman Law’s immigration work includes sliding scale fees and pro bono participation in citizenship fairs, pro bono “know-your-rights workshops, and other efforts to reach those in need.

Community Organizing, Engagement, and Support 

In addition to what is considered to be traditional legal work, Beaman Law also provides substantial community organizing, engagement, facilitation, engagement, and other types of community support to organizations and communities in need.  Beaman Law’s work in this area has included facilitation of major community coalitions, organization of diverse tenant and resident groups, participation in and presentation to significant community forums and events, development and design of environmental and community health research studies, interaction with press and media, and more.

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